Grantle Fina, The EP

by Solaseria

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released May 28, 2010



all rights reserved


Solaseria Orlando, Florida

The solo project of singer/songwriter Chase Patterson. For fans of weeping violently in the rain and passionately pursuing lost causes.

Other past/present projects:
-City of Ifa
-Tree and the Machine
-The Manic Masquerade
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Track Name: 38 Degrees in the Middle East
We eat to remember what we did to you
We drink to remember what we did to you
A hollow ritual bathed in absolutely nothing
that stands to resemble the cost of crying on this earth like you chose to do

Some sing in a strained falsetto
and believe it's quite enough
some play their ancient pianos
and claim nothing need be done
All hell displayed in their golden statues
All hail corruption's grip
Don't share your health with anyone

And we clap our hands
We'll paint our martyrs blood red
in the eyes of our forgiving hands
We're damaged beyond repair
Oh you saints drawn near
I'll show you what I hold dear
It's not a matter of relevance
It's an object of fear
Crusty eyes glow bright
Under this faint yet warm light
Irrevocable, they claim
But we both knew this was right
Then came that face I knew
Tonight we have stained it stone blue
With the flowing of tears
I won't be the last to share this pain with you

Track Name: Gotta Love Those Polar Bears
And I can't figure out if I've lost my mind
But if ya give me some time
I might try to hide the words I'm writing
'cause fatal demands seem far away
but as I think about everything I start to realize
that my heart'll tell me where I'm supposed to stay
Confidence came with me that day
and made the man in me want to say
what never could before come out
but always wanted to anyway
Fragile breath that was somewhat laced
half with pain, but half with your beautiful face
Since all my time has been spent
making so many mistakes

So count the circles on your wrist
the one I'd love to kiss
and know that it'll never get twisted again
If oceans had an end
I'd take you by the hand
and we'd explore the seas from land to land

Can you feel this entering your heart
a relationship off to a wonderful start
but please keep in mind
so many things could tear this apart
but this part of the plan
when god, he grabbed me by the hand
"Son, you know you're gonna have an awesome life
even though you'll get screwed over so many times"
Track Name: Brick
These massive mocha mounds
This heresy, this speaks to me like a chocolate covered cherry
But no they don't break out, they break free
Drench a chicken Cesar salad with some marinated empathy
They find it so easy, considered clean are the jokes that center 'round a weighty carouselfish poppyseed
bent out shape I dream
to let a chubby man delight in what the thinner ones could never see

Say it fast, say it dry, say we
Found a way to keep clean
this repertoire of vinyl shrank to CD
You're pathetic, you're insulting and demeaning
Broke your own rules just to set up fake policy
Tell me, what do you mean
You're without a cause, a sickness in theory
You're an extra large shirt in a vogue magaziiiiiiIIiiIiiahhhh

It's light enough on your own
A cross to bear for your long forgotten son
It's light enough on your own
Track Name: Johnny Gibbons was a Psychonaut
Thin crutch, a barrel full of ripened dust
Bent over trees in her haste
and left a path of memories
Gotta fight to find a way to breathe

There's a hate in your eyes
a clever disguise that reminds me of why I don't date
these outfits disguise the witch that you're fiery soul inhabits as of late
You whore, you're unclean, you're messing with me
but I can't decide which path to take
To say my goodbyes or stay living lying
In filth of my own daughter's waste
Bathing under deadened trees
Bathing's not for me

It's election time, let's break out all our knives
and serve our neighbors pieces of their own inferior brains
I've got the best of me
mashed in pots of suicidal irony
they say to me
"You're too dumb for your own good,
we'll feed you like we said we would"

That's the story, we fill our roads with swine and punishment
In all their glory, we regulate the dirt you walk upon
Cherish everything
We'll never have our heads back on our necks
Track Name: No One Touch the Leper
It's all I ask, I don't want a seed
I want to wake up to a fully grown tree
She'll sing me songs she wrote for me
Don't make me work for what I need
It's cruel, it's cruel really
Dropping an anchor in youth's vast sea
Who made it so that's what we need?
He says we're lovable beings
If that's so why is god still sleeping?

You get so cold you shake, shake, shake
There's a threshold to just how much I can take
While we ate your rolling eyes
Pierced my soul which lost it's appetite

Oh my god, I'm selfishly fighting
for beauty I can never obtain